Cinetcomm Networks bring everyone together!

Cinetcomm is a highly experienced, FCC licensed satellite communications provider with a diverse suite of network offerings on 3G/4G/LTE/B14/Mobile and Fixed Satellite platforms, supported by unique hardware solutions. These equipment and service offerings globally connect operations for government and industry. Our services include remote connectivity VSAT networks, television broadcasting, digital cinema distribution, telephone service, broadband data, collaborative situational video, 2-way radio backhaul, and mobile field services.


Cinetcomm goes above and beyond simply providing equipment and services. Unique connectivity solutions are provided through company owned brick and mortar infrastructure, including geographically diverse redundant teleports, broadcast network satellite uplinks, media distribution and telecommunication hubs, all interconnected through diverse fiber routes spanning the globe, resulting in high quality, assured and secure critical infrastructure connectivity for our clientele.


Customer driven initiatives provide forward direction and fuel Cinetcomm’s growth. Meeting client requirements through creation of innovative communications solutions distinguishes Cinetcomm from the herd.


Not claiming to be the “industry leader”, or “best of breed”, Cinetcomm prefers to prove through performance, as the Company’s facilities have done providing network television broadcasts, video distribution and 2-way VSAT systems for over three decades.


Explore Cinetcomm’s technology solutions as they practically apply to everyday missions, then contact us to discuss how we can meet your critical connectivity requirements – anywhere…anytime.