Cinetcomm-Connex – Interoperable PTT Network

Interoperability has a new name – Cinetcomm-Connex

Chatsworth, California – June 30, 2012

Cinetcomm has completed installation of a 2-way Push-to-talk architecture forming the operating framework of a new subscriber network called Cinetcomm-Connex. This application and hardware-based solution enables full interoperability between responders on an easily established basis when required by unforeseen emergency events. Cinetcomm-Connex also works as a daily backbone connecting diverse elements operating across satellite, commercial or private networks, establishing communication across any enterprise.
“This innovative product and service is a Radio-over-IP portal that creates both network operability and the collective inter-tie required by a wide-variety of clients,” stated Tom Soumas, Cinetcomm’s President and CEO. “We’ve eliminated the need for our clients to invest in infrastructure building out a network of their own. It’s economical to establish, try out, and use this network with smart phones, 2-way portables and other communication elements they already own.”
Customers can use Cinetcomm’s embedded network servers or purchase stand-alone head-ends that operate across the Cinetcomm global satellite and fiber infrastructure.
Cinetcomm associates are prepared to discuss how Cinetcomm-Connex can work for any client applications.
Contact: Brian Soumas – – 818-775-0500