Cinetcomm Opens Secure Data Center in Chatsworth

May 1, 2015 – Cinetcomm, a global provider of satellite and fiber-based communication solutions for government and industry, announced establishment of the Company’s new Headquarters and Secure Data Center complex in Chatsworth, California.
Cinetcomm’s new facility is a former banking operations data center with multiple layers of electronic and physical security, vault, emergency power, air conditioning and terrestrial carrier fiber connectivity. Located one half mile from a Cinetcomm teleport hub, dark fiber will be installed to complete links to the sky for remote connectivity to client facilities globally.
“Operating in a content rich environment where clients are increasingly sensitive to hacking and being “in the cloud”, we decided to enhance our transport services by offering an ability to ingest and securely store information “on premise” in a private facility directly under our control.” stated Tom D. Soumas, Jr., Cinetcomm’s President and CEO. “This secure center is our first serious foray into the realm of data security and storage. The native capabilities of this facility created the opportunity and made it an easy decision to commence the offering.”
The Company, in concert with Los Angeles area independent producers and post production facilities, will initially focus on maintaining content meant for onward distribution via satellite or fiber networks to exhibiting venues across the Americas, Asia and Europe. Additionally, the demand for secure storage from the Law Enforcement community as body-worn cameras become the new normal in operations, has created a market for economical, yet secure storage for many Petabytes of data requiring preservation for an extended period of time.
Handling secure data for media markets is nothing new to the Cinetcomm team. The acquisition of Cinedigm Digital Media Services assets and clientele in 2012 was grounded in the digital distribution of filmed theatrical entertainment and live programming for major studios and broadcast networks. Digital masters were handled at a former location that was MPAA secure rated, but was physically far less secure than this building. All clients will be able to remotely monitor their storage racks both electronically and visually within this facility 24 hours a day.
Information: Brian W. Soumas – – +1-818-775-0500