Preparedness Makes ALL the Difference!

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Cinetcomm Networks bring everything together!

Mother Nature deals out a wide variety of unpredictable and very damaging events on a too routine basis! Maintaining a readiness posture that includes resilient communications networks can make all the difference when responding to the challenges presented by these events.

  • Can your Agencies communicate during a storm event with the responders and citizens to maintain some degree of near normal operations?
  • Are you able to maintain communication with surrounding counties and State Emergency Management Agency during and immediately after an event to share information, discuss response, and request assistance?
  • Do you believe that some simple changes to your readiness communications might make a big difference in your response outcome?

It can, with Cinetcomm’s TotalConnex Network supplementing your existing 2-way radio, data networks and critical infrastructure!
Cinetcomm’s TotalConnex Network blends existing terrestrial networks (3G, 4G, LTE, B14) with satellite-based connectivity. This hybrid network provides assured connectivity under any circumstance to maintain operational communications, data flow and information sharing. It works on a least-cost routed, best quality of available service basis – without user intervention. TotalConnex is the digital glue that creates failsafe resiliency across your enterprise, without infrastructure upgrades, building new towers or creating additional repeater sites.
Cinetcomm’s TotalConnex Network versatility enables you to use existing assets – from your large Command Vehicles to police/fire/ems vehicles, whether equipped with satellite or LTE. The network works interchangeably across almost all platforms.
Cinetcomm will support our Agency customers by hosting wide-area interoperability channels for agencies to communicate across boundaries (whether geographic or organizational). Incident based TAC and INTEROP channels can be created on-the-fly for unforeseen events through our 24/7 Network Operations.
Contact Cinetcomm today to discuss how TotalConnex can make a difference for your organization.