A fundamental precept should govern every organization’s approach to Continuity of Operations (COOP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies: If you wait until after the disaster occurs to do something, it is truly too late!

When the disaster strikes (not IF, but WHEN), the very survival of an organization can be tied to the effectiveness of prior builds and contingency preparation. If you are unprepared prior to a disaster, the likelihood of success without a great deal of pain and severe economic injury is highly unlikely.

At Cinetcomm we believe an effective Continuity of Operations strategy and possible disaster recovery scenarios require a two prong approach – 1) Create and maintain resiliency across an agency or enterprise for all essential operations; and 2) Have an effective response and recovery plan to cover the unforeseen beyond “normal” operations.

Maintaining a resilient network architecture for operational communications is a key attribute of Critical Infrastructure and COOP strategy. You can not prevent disasters from taking place, but you can steel your operation to maintain process management and connectivity, thus avoiding loss of essential communications in the first place. This resiliency approach allows you to focus on performance of your mission and a successful response, without having to recover your own operations before you can get started.

Be prepared for the unexpected! No one ‘expects’ a tornado, hurricane or earthquake to wipe out their community. Yet it happens all the time, with multi-billion dollar consequences and a high cost of lives. When it does, what will you do if your primary facility is suddenly rendered unusable? Worse yet, your facilities are fine, but all supporting infrastructure surrounding you is gone making it impossible to function.

To prepare for such contingencies, Cinetcomm works with agencies and enterprises to shore up existing communications infrastructure, creating operational resiliency through practical applications of satellite-based technologies supplementing terrestrial-based system assets. Satellite-based communications by themselves do not represent the ‘silver bullet’ in a COOP or DR strategy. They do however assure an organization will perform more effectively whatever strategy is employed for completion of their mission in service to customers or citizens of the community.

Cinetcomm’s experienced team is prepared to do this with your organization today! Please contact us today to get started.



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