Inmarsat Constellation Products

On land, across the oceans and in the air Cinetcomm offers the complete suite of legacy and emerging Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) utilizing the Inmarsat constellation of satellites and network backbone.

Cinetcomm provides legacy network (I-3 satellite) GAN, Fleet and Swift 64 services alongside the new I-4 satellite-based IP-centric Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) land mobile, maritime (FleetBroadband) and aviation (SwiftBroadband) services.

In 2014 with the advent of Inmarsat’s fifth generation system GlobalExpress, Cinetcomm will offer the most advanced high-speed mobile satellite service fielded to date.

BGAN Land mobile services utilize portable, on-the-move and machine-to-machine (M2M) terminals providing a wide variety of dial-up, broadband data and specialty services, from streaming video for newsgathering to remote machine operations.

FleetBroadband services are maritime-based systems installed on anything that floats and plies the world’s oceans.

SwiftBroadband is exclusively for aviation operations, on corporate aircraft, airliners and military aviation platforms



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