Satellite Telephone Services

Satellite telephone or telephone via satellite? Cinetcomm provides both! Here are the choices:

SatPhones are Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) devices, typically utilized for the sole purpose of making dial-up calls when you’re “remote” or in an emergency situation and unable to use normal terrestrial networks. In North America you can get Iridium or Inmarsat equipment and network services. Overseas you can add Thuraya to the mix. There are a wide variety of phones and docking stations that enable installation in a building, boat or airplane if you don’t want to just carry it around.

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Telephone via satellite is provided with all Cinetcomm VSAT systems that provide data, video and other services. It is simply a normal call using typical home or office style instruments. Services are full-featured and can be a single line or entire group with direct-dial 10 digit numbers. Office style services with features (including voice mail, 3-way calling, call waiting, etc.) are provided with each line.

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