With today’s tight budgets, though technology marches forward you can’t afford to purchase a brand new Command Vehicle and forsake the investment in your legacy platform. A smart approach is taking the low mileage Command Vehicle you already own, update it with modern radios, add satellite connectivity, and create your own instant interoperable infrastructure wherever you are called on to operate. You can also make the vehicle system changes and upgrades you didn’t realize were needed the first time around, all at a fraction of the cost (and pain) of a new build. Enter Cinetcomm Tech Refresh.

How Cinetcomm’s Tech Refresh Works
Command Vehicle System physical retrofits can be accomplished on a modular basis, over time, and as budgets permit. Tech Refresh projects are engineered in advance, based on your specific requirements. There’s a wide range of packages to choose from, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Simply tell us what you want to do and let Cinetcomm provide the current choices. Customers can either provide their own equipment or purchase new elements for integration.

We can take existing satellite systems equipment and reprogram it to function on Cinetcomm’s Networks. If you currently have no satellite connectivity, it can easily be added during a Tech Refresh upgrade. Cinetcomm’s command vehicle satellite services are purpose-built with the applications and features required by First Responders and agencies involved in life-safety field operations.

Tech Refresh upgrade installations can be performed in your Agency garage or at one of Cinetcomm’s convenient Service Center Partners located across the United States and Canada.

Financial Assistance
Need it Now?? – If your organization is a government agency, Tech Refresh upgrades can be financed through CinetLease, our leasing program exclusively for government entities. You can acquire needed upgrades today – then pay for it in a future budget year.



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