Unified Communications

Cinetcomm TotalConnex is a suite of hardware and network products developed specifically to enable push-to-talk (PTT) connectivity between disparate devices, frequency bands, public safety, private partner and commercial networks. This network is unique – It’s not just satellite, but a 3G/4G/LTE/B14 and satellite architecture that works on a least-cost routing, best quality of available service basis. This eliminates the problem of connectivity for geographically dispersed enterprises who simply can not afford the infrastructure costs to maintain their own 2-way radio network. Cinetcomm’s TotalConnex Network is the “digital glue” that creates seamless connectivity for process management, communications and interoperability where none otherwise exists at the time and locale of some event.

The network is operated by Cinetcomm through geographically-diverse servers at satellite and telecom hubs distributed across the planet.

When coupled with Cinetcomm’s satellite network connectivity, any element of the network has infinite “reachback” to a higher command or supervisory home base.

Cinetcomm’s customer engineers stand ready to illustrate how easy this can be for your organization. Contact us today to get started.



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