August 15, 2017 – Las Vegas, NV

Cinetcomm has been awarded the Phase 2 piece of an ongoing contract for a major tribal law enforcement agency operating in the Desert Southwest Region.  This TotalConnex solution implementation is providing an additional 48 systems for patrol and detective vehicles operating in an area roughly the size of the state of Connecticut.  They join other units which have been in the field since October 2015.

Under this contract, Cinetcomm will increase the size of the existing multi-channel 2-way radio system, provide broadband data service and track the officer’s vehicles as they operate across this very remote region using the TotalConnex hybrid 3G/4G/LTE/Satellite backbone.

“We are pleased that the tribe has decided to further implement the TotalConnex solution as the working backbone for their communications” stated Tom Soumas, Cinetcomm’s President & CEO. “As a proven network across the nation, it will strengthen officer safety and provide for better community assistance”.

This tribal implementation is one of many continuing projects underway within Public Safety communities to create a safer working environment for remotely dispersed officers, firefighters and EMTs across vast rural distances in the Western United States.

Source – Cinetcomm – Contact Brian Soumas (702) 844-2410