Cinetcomm’s Defi system solution is a patented multi-band satellite antenna which operates in 200 mph sustained hurricane force winds, blowing sand and arctic snowstorms.  Antenna payloads are protected from harmful elements in a sealed, secure environment.
These hurricane proven systems are currently deployed from Majuro to Newark – Chicago to the Gulf Coast.  Systems are on the job 24×7 providing Hurricane and Typhoon resilient connectivity for the facilities they serve.  PSAPs, Critical Enterprise facilities or remote mountaintop radio sites, storm-proven Defi systems keep you on the grid in extreme circumstances. 
Beyond satellite connectivity to the outside world, these versatile installations can also host and protect your local 2-way radio and LTE payloads to provide coverage where the Defi is installed.
Using a Defi system in remote locations that are inaccessible for portions of the year is superior to traditional terrestrial backhaul technologies.  Defi systems are the cornerstone of Cinetcomm’s InstaGrid hybrid network solution for backhaul of LMR and LTE sites.  When coupled with service through our award winning teleports, you have an unbeatable, complete solution that will meet your needs.
When networks have built-in resiliency, communications will not be an issue when disaster strikes!  Resilience is the entire reason the Defi was created.  Initially a Ku-Band satellite solution, Defi has evolved into a multi-band platform with dual satellite capabilities.
Don’t wait for that storm to strike to experience a communications disaster, contact Cinetcomm today and speak with a team member about Defi.



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