Cinetcomm is a global provider of hybrid terrestrial and satellite networks using the combined infrastructures of our own FCC licensed networks and other leading carriers across the planet.


Public safety field forces utilize our TotalConnex solution, a hybrid network (3G/4G/LTE/Satellite/FirstNet) backbone that carries 2-way radio, broadband data, and AVLS. TotalConnex provides 100% North American coverage to all users without geographic boundaries under any circumstance, regardless of local infrastructure. TotalConnex works with existing radio equipment, smartphones, tablets, and satellite terminals to keep your team coordinated and connected.

TotalConnex | Connectivity Anywhere

Cinetcomm TotalConnex is a hybrid network solution marrying FirstNet, 3G/4G/LTE, Mobile and Fixed Satellite to provide 2-way radio, broadband data and telematics services for field forces on a least-cost routed, best quality of service basis.  TotalConnex managed services network provides 100% coverage across North America, without any investment in infrastructure.  This comprehensive solution enhances and supplements existing LMR systems and LTE broadband networks. Geographically dispersed agencies and enterprises whose missions require connectivity everywhere can achieve this without the expense of maintaining their own wide-area infrastructure for 2-way radio and data networks. TotalConnex is the “digital glue” that provides seamless connectivity for process management, communications and interoperability where none might otherwise exist.. Cinetcomm’s TotalConnex Network managed service platform operates through geographically-diverse hubs at satellite and telecom facilities distributed across the planet.  When coupled with Cinetcomm’s satellite network connectivity, any element of the network has infinite “reachback” to a higher command or supervisory home base. Cinetcomm’s customer engineers stand ready to illustrate how easy this can be implemented for your organization.


TotalConnex is a hybrid network with a backbone consisting of FirstNet along with 3G, 4G, LTE and Satellite. First Responders all over the country are using the TotalConnex system because it works seamlessly with the equipment they already have installed in their offices and on their vehicles. FirstNet is an interoperable and secure nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. Because of this backbone, TotalConnex allows your organization to communicate more effectively and make better decisions. The FirstNet network offers guaranteed priority for public safety personnel without the struggle of network congestion for when it’s needed most.


FirstNet is a broadband communications network specifically set up to create more interoperability between the nation’s first responders and the public safety community. If a disaster occurs, FirstNet is set up to provide dedicated bandwidth for disaster response personnel for when it is needed most. 


Cinetcomm owns and operates multiple teleports across the country, and can therefore deliver the fastest and most reliable satellite internet to our customers. If your needs are for internet, data, voice, or video, the TotalConnex system will give you the highest performance bandwidth to meet your satellite internet needs.


From the standpoint of the user, satellite internet is not much different than the internet over hard wires. The only difference with satellite internet is that data is transmitted between a small satellite dish on earth and a satellite orbiting high above the earth.


We know that connectivity within critical infrastructure is more important than ever. Whether you have emergency service communication needs through FirstNet or SCADA connectivity throughout the energy sector, Cinetcomm has the expertise to accomplish all of your communication needs.