“Cinetcomm has been able to combine an existing LMR radio and an LTE router, and it’s Pepwave is FirstNet-certified. Cinetcomm’s products and services can be connected to any existing LMR radio (Analog, P,25, P25 Trunked, DMR) and the router using an integrated control head and back-end system. The result is that the existing LMR device and one, two, three, or even four broadband networks are all interfaced with the console that becomes the distribution point for both LMR and LTE traffic. If users run out of LMR coverage, the system will switch the LMR device to use the LTE radio if it is in range. If not, it will switch to the satellite for backhaul. The same is true for the LTE device.”

“In all instances, mobile hub users may not even know they have been switched to a different form of backhaul since the system operates on its own and selects the backhaul route depending on the signal levels on the network(s). In addition to the vehicular hub, Cinetcomm provides the same level of connectivity at emergency-communications centers and to communications vans that are used during ongoing incidents.”

-Andrew M. Seybold | December 10, 2020