In-Vehicle FirstNet and LMR

“There is also Cinetcomm, a company located in Nevada, that builds a number of vehicular devices including what I would describe as a “smart control head” that can be married to both a router and an existing LMR radio, and the Cinetcomm servers can connect to some FirstNet-approved PTT applications to provide cross-platform PTT interoperability. Further, if the vehicle is out of LMR range, the control head routes LMR over LTE and if needed for out-of-area coverage, it also offers a mobile satellite system that can provide backhaul for both LMR and LTE and re-connect them to their respective networks. “

-Andrew M. Seybold | October 28, 2021

Vehicular Communication Hubs

“Cinetcomm has been able to combine an existing LMR radio and an LTE router, and it’s Pepwave is FirstNet-certified. Cinetcomm’s products and services can be connected to any existing LMR radio (Analog, P,25, P25 Trunked, DMR) and the router using an integrated control head and back-end system. The result is that the existing LMR device and one, two, three, or even four broadband networks are all interfaced with the console that becomes the distribution point for both LMR and LTE traffic. If users run out of LMR coverage, the system will switch the LMR device to use the LTE radio if it is in range. If not, it will switch to the satellite for backhaul. The same is true for the LTE device.”

“In all instances, mobile hub users may not even know they have been switched to a different form of backhaul since the system operates on its own and selects the backhaul route depending on the signal levels on the network(s). In addition to the vehicular hub, Cinetcomm provides the same level of connectivity at emergency-communications centers and to communications vans that are used during ongoing incidents.”

-Andrew M. Seybold | December 10, 2020

Push-To-Talk Over Satellite

“Some companies that provide Push-To-Talk (PTT) over satellite include Cinetcomm in Las Vegas, FirstNet Satellite Partner Inmarsat, and now ESChat, which has partnered with Thales to add push-to-talk over satellite to the ESChat ecosystem. ESChat is an over-the-top push-to-talk provider with a large number of local, state, and federal agencies under contract. An over-the-top PTT system is easily transportable since it is broadband network-independent and capable of providing PTT services to users on a specific broadband network, is approved for FirstNet, or is capable of bridging PTT between FirstNet and other broadband providers. “

-Andrew M. Seybold | August 20, 2020

Fully-Redundant Land Mobile Radio

“One presentation I attended during the Communications and Technology meeting was given by John Matthews, Interim Chief of Critical Systems for Cook County, IL Emergency Management and Regional Security. John began by saying they require redundancy everywhere when it comes to communications and other tools. This led to his presentation of how they contracted with Cinetcomm for fully-redundant land mobile radio and broadband capabilities. Cinetcomm has developed a redundant communications interface that employs traditional terrestrial networks, when available, for both LMR and broadband services. When terrestrial networks are not available, the interface seamlessly switches to satellite communications. This provides the agency with a fully-redundant communications system for its command vehicles and at its emergency operations center. “

-Andrew M. Seybold | November 1st, 2019

Satellite Backhaul Provider

“That is why FirstNet/AT&T has teamed up with a satellite backhaul provider, has a large number of wheeled deployables, and is increasing the number of flying deployables. In addition, companies such as Assured Wireless will be providing higher-power amplifiers for mobile devices (usable on Band 14 only), companies such as Cinetcomm will provide automatic switching between terrestrial LMR and LTE networks and a roof-mounted satellite antenna, Google will provide Loons (which AT&T is using in Puerto Rico with cooperation from Google), mobile LTE modems will provide WiFi access around a public safety vehicle, and much more. Like any network ever built, coverage will grow better over time. In this case, FirstNet has established timelines that must be met by AT&T or penalties will be assessed.  When reviewing coverage requirements, the ingredients for success are a willing partner, a population density that supports new deployments or a need to cover an area for public safety, and finally what the local county or city can bring to the party in the way of additional federal funding or their own investment, as in Harris County, Texas.”

-Andrew M. Seybold | November 30, 2017

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