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Cinetcomm is a provider of global satellite internet and communications across all sectors. The communication possibilities are endless with the experience and capabilities of working with Cinetcomm. 


Never-Out-Of-Coverage Vehicle Hubs

“Cinetcomm has been able to combine an existing LMR radio and an LTE router, and it’s Pepwave is FirstNet-certified. Cinetcomm’s products and services can be connected to any existing LMR radio (Analog, P,25, P25 Trunked, DMR) and the router using an integrated control head and back-end system. The result is that the existing LMR device and one, two, three, or even four broadband networks are all interfaced with the console that becomes the distribution point for both LMR and LTE traffic. If users run out of LMR coverage, the system will switch the LMR device to use the LTE radio if it is in range. If not, it will switch to the satellite for backhaul. The same is true for the LTE device.”

“In all instances, mobile hub users may not even know they have been switched to a different form of backhaul since the system operates on its own and selects the backhaul route depending on the signal levels on the network(s). In addition to the vehicular hub, Cinetcomm provides the same level of connectivity at emergency-communications centers and to communications vans that are used during ongoing incidents.”

-Andrew M.Seybold | December 10, 2020



Satellite communications technology is more complex than ever before with satellites operating at different orbits, and different capabilities now being offered. For first responders, having knowledge of the solutions available and how they can be developed is vital. With the satellite industry at a faster pace than ever before, people involved in first response efforts need to have an understanding of the changing nature of satellite technology and how it can help them with their efforts. Satellite technology could really make the difference between life and death. The importance of satellite communications in these situations cannot be understated and this satellite communications guide could actually make a difference. Click on the link to the right to download your satellite communications guide today!


Cinetcomm is a global provider of cutting-edge communications solutions via satellite and terrestrial-based wireless networks. We provide satellite-based communications solutions for government, utilities, railroad, public/private sectors, and industry. Cinetcomm owns and operates teleports and telecommunication hubs, all supported by 24 x 7  Network Operations Centers and Customer Care Centers.
Our TotalConnex Hybrid Network is a 2-way radio, broadband data, and telematics solution with 100% North American coverage. Our Defi satellite/LTE domed antenna is a resilient “hurricane-proof” system that will keep any location online in the eye of the fiercest storms.


When a disaster occurs, usually the Fire Department sets up an Incident Command Post and assumes responsibility for the area. Nothing is more critical to this coordinated response than having the ability to communicate anywhere. During a disaster response, the cellular network can be bogged down by phone calls, or it can be destroyed altogether. The TotalConnex Network will ensure you can coordinate a response with or without cellular towers. 


Law Enforcement is usually the first responder to any scene. When these scenes catch the eye of the public or any media outlets, you can count on most of the communications network’s bandwidth to be used up by the public and the media. TotalConnex works hand in hand with FirstNet, and when cellular towers are down will still ensure that you can communicate through the TotalConnex Network.


Electric Utilities are no strangers to working in a hard-hit hurricane zone or tornado-prone areas. When these violent storms hit, residents and businesses are left with no power, in a lot of cases no communication to the outside world. It is critical for electric utilities to be able to communicate internally with each other while in these hard-hit areas for successful and safe storm responses.