In this era of diminished budgets, the creation of new wireless and LMR networks, as well as upgrading legacy systems, requires a fresh approach, both economically and practically. Cinetcomm’s InstaGrid System is an innovative solution for those who desire to modernize and extend existing networks, or build new.

Major issues face builders of modern wireless networks:

Terrestrial microwave network backbones are extremely expensive to build and maintain

  • Legacy networks have insufficient bandwidth to evolve into higher service levels with existing backhaul infrastructure

  • An exponential number of new sites need to be constructed to accommodate evolving system architectures, which carries significant capital expense and lengthy build time.

Cinetcomm’s InstaGrid System is a cutting edge approach to building LMR/SMR, Broadband, Cellular, LTE and 5G networks in locations where standard construction is economically unfeasible due to low population densities or in service areas lacking terrestrial infrastructure. It is a completely independent stand-alone system, embodying the shelter, power generation, storage and management, along with satellite-based control, coupled to the appropriate rf equipment and antennas for local subscriber connectivity.

Using multi-band, redundant, satellite-based connectivity directly from the mountaintop to the client’s hub eliminates the expense of point-to-point terrestrial infrastructure solutions, which typically carries the majority of expense of system construction, operation and maintenance. It enables placement of repeater/head end sites exactly where required without regard for utilities, year round site access or creation of massive towers to reach the next ridge for relay of information. The small stand-alone footprint of the InstaGrid System is a green solution that enables critical connectivity for agencies and carriers everywhere across the landscape.

Cinetcomm has a team dedicated to delivering the InstaGrid System solution. Contact us today to discuss how you might benefit from adding elements of InstaGrid to your next network system build.


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