Cinetcomm TotalConnex™ is a field-proven hybrid communications solution for first responder agencies, blending Land Mobile Radio (LMR), FirstNet (Built with AT&T), terrestrial LTE and satellite wireless networks together to provide complete coverage everywhere you need to operate!
Land Mobile Radio network coverage, broadband mobile data, vehicle mapping and status, plus dial-up telephone is a reality across 100% of North America.  This is a fully managed network service. FirstNet, 3G/4G/LTE and Satellite networks work in concert with TotalConnex routers, automatically selecting the least-cost, best quality transmission path based on carrier availabilities, with zero user intervention.
TotalConnex will scale to meet any agency mission requirement, from deploying a couple of mobile units to hundreds.
With TotalConnex there is no capital investment in towers, back office hardware and IT infrastructure to have a full-featured operational network.
Your existing land mobile radios can operate on the TotalConnex Network through hardware interfaces, both analog and digital.  An encrypted multi-user Wi-Fi hub and wired ethernet connects all in-vehicle equipment and wireless accessories.
TotalConnex is the Public Safety Grade communications solution that works in any operational situation or location!


Cinetcomm’s TotalConnexHybrid Network Solution is:

  • Total Access as a Service – Fully managed solution for LMR, broadband mobile data and fleet operations
  • 100%network coverage across North America – Goes wherever you respond
  • Operates automatically on up to five network backbones including FirstNet, LTE, and satellite
  • FirstNet Certified vehicle equipment built into a small form factor (12.5″ x 12.5″ plate)
  • No expensive system infrastructure or towers required
  • Low monthly unit operating costs
  • Customer Network Management and Fleet Mapping Portal Included
  • Merges different radio systems together for mutual aid operations
  • Cost effectively supplements and extends the reach of existing Land Mobile Radio systems
  • 24×7 Customer Care and Support

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