May 20, 2020 – Las Vegas, NV

Cinetcomm has received it’s first Cobham EXPLORER 323 terminals, which have been tested and certified for operation on the Company’s TotalConnex Network Solution backbone. This new solid-state broadband satellite terminal has a phased-array antenna with zero moving parts, thus eliminating the mechanical failures inherent in previous generation mobile terminals.

“After multiple years of development the 323 has finally arrived for service” stated Tom Soumas, Cinetcomm’s President & CEO.  “It was worth the wait! This has the potential to become the new operational standard for our mobile satellite offerings in the Americas.”

The EXPLORER 323 terminal is less than 4 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. It operates up to 384Kbps, which is perfect for the transaction-based data and telemetry operations used in Public Safety, Utility and Transportation operations.  Cinetcomm is utilizing this as the WAN connection on the Company’s TotalConnex Network.  It can also be configured as an M2M terminal in an Industrial IoT environment.

Cinetcomm’s TotalConnex solution for which this terminal is intended, is a constantly evolving, hybrid, FirstNet, LTE and satellite-based communications network providing 100% coverage across all of the Americas and surrounding Ocean Regions. It features a 2-way radio network, broadband data, vehicle location and telematics.  This secure, multi-mode system requires no user intervention to “switch” between transmission methods, providing truly seamless coverage in all operating environments.

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