Las Vegas, NV – February 26, 2014

Cinetcomm has just completed successful demonstrations of the new TotalConnexSystem, a 3G/4G/LTE/Satellite-based mobile broadband system, featuring 2-way radio, mobile data and vehicle tracking for Tribal and First Nation’s Law Enforcement, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Indian Country Section meeting in Las Vegas. Designed to benefit operations for all Indian Country Public Safety, this system provides critical connectivity for officers everywhere across North America without an investment in expensive infrastructure.

Cinetcomm has developed this new network in conjunction with Tribal Law Enforcement to meet the unique requirements of their extremely remote operations where no infrastructure exists, empowering officers to assist tribal members wherever required. TotalConnex System equipment integrates with existing 2-way radio and mobile data computing equipment, to enable connectivity of this equipment, along with creating additional functionality to track and assist officers wherever they might be.

At the heart of this system is a combination of L-Band satellite systems blended with their terrestrial counterparts, for least-cost, best available network connectivity. The technologies being employed are based in part on Cinetcomm’s new TotalConnex Network platform.

Network services include both commercial satellite and terrestrial carrier bandwidth, providing seamless connectivity to the vehicle onboard systems.

Several Tribal Law Enforcement agencies have already applied for grants to implement this system across their Nations. Pilot projects in select territories are expected to commence in Summer 2014.

Contact: Tom Soumas – – +1-818-775-0500

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